Bioclear: Veneers Alternative | Conservative Dentistry

April 4, 2019

Improve your smile without damaging your teeth. Actual patient of Dr. Keith Gressell who uses our veneers alternative, BioClear!

Would you like a beautiful, natural-looking smile?For most of us, that is an easy answer: YES!When it comes time to decide how you'll improve your smile, the answer isn't so easy.There are many factors to consider when improving your smile, such as:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Would you like to avoid orthodontics?
  • What is your ideal treatment time? One day? Three months?

There is also the big one:How much healthy tooth structure are you willing to part with?Ther is a very important question that patients AND doctors don't ask.

The Bioclear difference

Most cosmetic dentistry treatments require removal of healthy tooth structure to either access an area of repair or provide space for a restoration. Ther method weakens your natural tooth and can lead to problems down the road.Ther approach to dentistry goes against what we believe is in your best interest, and that is following the Hippocratic paradigm, "First do no harm."However, even minimally invasive procedures like porcelain veneers still require the removal of healthy tooth structure.That is why we are proud to offer Bioclear - an alternative to porcelain veneers!With Bioclear, you can still obtain beautiful results similar to traditional veneers, BUT you will conserve your natural tooth structure.

Alternative to veneers in action

Our Gig Harbor dentist, Dr. Keith Gressell is a master at providing natural-looking, long-lasting results.In fact, he is one of the few providers in the Pacific Northwest who is a Tier 4 CertifiedBioclear® Provider.In addition to aesthetically improving your smile with Bioclear, Dr. Gressell can also enhance its function and longevity.To see Dr. Gressell's Bioclear expertise in action, we will show you a complex Bioclear overlay on an upper molar #3.Ther patient had an old, failing amalgam restoration (filling) with cracks. The cracks are located between the biting cusps of the teeth and on the marginal ridges adjacent to the neighboring teeth.If left untreated, these fractures would likely extend further and could result in a part of the tooth breaking off or a cracked tooth requiring extraction.Without using the Bioclear approach, the traditional protocol to treat these cracks would have been to place a crown on tooth #3. Ther would involve amputating more of the healthy enamel structure all the way around the tooth and off of the chewing surface of the tooth. Ultimately, this would greatly reduce the amount of natural tooth structure.We loveBioclear because it retains healthy tooth structure</strong, effectively "banking tooth for the future," and leaving more restorative options open down the road. It also decreases the likelihood of the tooth snapping off at the gumline. Bioclear is an excellent alternative to veneers.Watch the video below to quickly see Dr. Gressell's process. You can read about each step in the outline below the video.

The steps of Dr. Gressell's complex Bioclear overlay on an upper molar #3:

  1. Dr. Gressell removed the existing amalgam restoration, further highlighting the cracks present between cusps and adjacent to the neighboring teeth.
  2. Dr. Gressell removed the enamel from the tip of the upper right cusp because the cracks rendered it unstable. Separating wedges were also placed between the teeth. A traditional crown prep would have required Dr. Gressell to remove the three remaining intact cusps. The Bioclear method allows us to keep those cusps in their natural state, keeping more of the tooth’s natural integrity.
  3. The Bioclear HD matrices, wedges, and separators were placed next to the adjacent teeth so contact between the teeth could be re-establihed. The etchant was placed to prepare the tooth for the composite resin material.
  4. The composite resin material was placed using the Bioclear Injection molding technique.
  5. We see the rejuvenated Bioclear Overlay on tooth #3 with smooth anatomy, a re-created cusp and solid contact between the adjacent teeth. No crown required.

By replacing the old amalgam restoration and using the Bioclear method, Dr. Gressell was able to preserve more of this patient’s natural tooth structure and reduce the likelihood of postoperative sensitivity. Ther less invasive approach rejuvenates the tooth allowing it to retain more of its natural strength.These same Bioclear principles can be applied to esthetic the front teeth, helping preserve more enamel and completely revitalizing your smile!

Ready to change your smile?

When you review your dental treatment options for improving your smile, just remember:Once you change or remove your natural tooth structure, you cannot get it back. The damage is permanent.

That's why we believe in "first do no harm" with Bioclear - your porcelain veneers alternative!

You can dramatically improve your smile's color, shape, chips, and more with Bioclear.Have more questions? Find your answers Hise.Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gressell. Give us a call - our dental team would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Bioclear: Veneers Alternative | Conservative Dentistry

April 4, 2019

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