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Dr. Keith Gressell: A Gig Harbor Dentist That Goes Beyond ‘Cosmetic’

Because true beauty comes from overall health, wellness, and holistic care.

It’s All About the Patient Behind the Teeth

Headshot of your Gig Harbor dentist, Dr. Keith Gressell

‘‘Beauty is not just 'skin deep.' And it’s not some superficial diversion; it is the window into our health, vitality, and all the things that allow us to live life to its fullest.

Dr. Keith Gressell hails from Scranton, PA (yes, the very same ‘The Office’ Scranton). He’s a man on a mission, and his mission is to convert the most dental-phobic patients into dentist-loving ones. The most effective tools in his arsenal include:

  • Great chairside comedy;
  • Bad singing;
  • Comprehensive dentistry.

Before that, however, his mission sent him to the US Army. There, as a captain stationed in Landstuhl, Germany, Dr. Gressell was deployed to 2 different theaters of operation, serving local nationals and military members of Afghanistan, Benin, and Iraq.

This is a man who has always put other people’s needs first, be it by serving his country abroad or giving the good people of Gig Harbor a reason to smile.

Treating the Cause, Not the Symptom

What you can expect from Dr. Gressell:

International Experience

Beyond his ample local experience, Dr. Gressell also worked in private practices in Wiesbaden and Ramstein, Germany, where he serviced military family members, US Consulate staff, and expats alike. And, as you’d expect, he brought the knowledge and skills he earned in Germany back home with him.

Above & Beyond Dentistry

It’s one thing to make your teeth look good. But to discover and treat the source of your issues so that they don’t come back in a few years is a whole other ball game. It’s all about turning you into the best version of yourself, and that’s what Dr. Gressell does best.

Patient Comfort First

Dr. Gressell has been doing it for a while, and he knows how much some people dread dental visits. So, he always makes sure to make you feel relaxed and comfortable beforehand, be it via our office’s many amenities (like customizable headphones and aromatherapy neck pillows) or his own personal charm.

Dr. Gressell’s Credentials:

  • The University of Scranton, Biology, B.Sc.
  • Temple University School of Dentistry, DMD.
  • German Dental License (Zahnärztliche Approbation)
  • MyoBrace and MyoMunchee Preferred Provider
  • Airway Health Solutions (AHS) trained provider
  • AIR (Airway, Invisalign, Restore) Institute Member Provider
  • Fotona Lightwalker Dual-Wave Laser Certified Provider, including:

    1. Nightlase™
    2. Smoothlase™
    3. Naselase™
    4. Liplase™
    5. Injection-Free Restorations
    6. Frenectomies
    7. And more!
‘‘Dr. Gressell really went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and at ease with the whole dental experience. The work he did for me was excellent. His attention to detail and quality is second to none. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for quality dental care.’’

- Samantha T., 5-Star Google Review

Dr. Gressell relaxing with his family

Dr. Gressell’s Fun Side

Because what’s life without whimsy?
Dr. Gressell relaxing with his family

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