Safety & Precautions

Our Safety & Precautions

Harbor Hill Dentistry & Airway Center consistently meets and exceeds the highest standards of infection control and personal protective equipment protocols (PPE) established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our safety measures include the following:

Closeup of dentist opening a pack of dental tools.
  • We practice hand washing and hand sanitization throughout the day.
  • Aerosols are reduced by 90-98% with high-volume suction. A hands-free option is now available for our hygienists.
  • Improved disinfection procedures on all touch and no-touch surfaces.
  • Four units of Medify Air are strategically placed around the office for continuous air purification.
  • Five units of UVCUE UPPER ROOM UVC SYSTEM installed throughout the office.
  • All our furniture pieces are easy-to-clean and sanitize.

If you have questions or concerns about the steps we take to keep you and our staff safe, feel free to contact us at our office.