After years of watching patients struggle to relax their tongues during dental treatments, Dr. Gressell invented LinguaGuard. LinguaGuard is an innovative add-on device that protects your tongue during treatment that requires suction, which allows your dental providers to perform procedures with maximum efficiency and comfort.

What Is LinguaGuard?

LinguaGuard is a disposable add-on device that allows Dr. Gressell to retract your tongue to keep it safe during suction by attaching the device to the vented end of a High Volume Evacuator straw.

What Are the Benefits of Using LingaGuard?

It can be challenging for dental providers to restrain a patient's tongue, which can limit their efficiency and  prolong treatment time. LinguaGuard helps retract your tongue safely without compromising your comfort.

  • Innovatively designed to slide easily onto the tip of a high-volume evacuator (HVE)
  • The unique wrap design ensures a tight fit around the HVE to provide strong support
  • Created with a curved design for easy and comfortable retraction
  • Innovative shape keeps suction off the patient's tissues
  • Designed for single use
  • Latex and BPA free

How Is It Used?

  • The dentist rotates the HVE tip into the LinguaGuard sleeve. The vent hole must be appropriately aligned with the protruding tab to lock it in place.
  • We curve the retractor away from the HVE tip.
  • For removal, the dentists rotates it counterclockwise to remove it from the HVE tip vent hole.
  • After use, it must be disposed of in a clinical waste container to avoid transmission of pathogens.

Learn More About LinguaGuard

At Harbor Hill Dentistry & Airway Center, we offer this add-on tool if your tongue keeps getting in the way of the treatment. LinguaGuard enables Dr. Gressell to work efficiently without distractions. Contact us today to learn more.