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Bioclear Veneers: Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedure

Look beautiful while conserving your natural tooth structure.

Rejuvenate Your Smile With Bioclear

Actual Bioclear patien in Gig Harbor, WA
Check out more real patient results below.

What is Bioclear?

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you have:

  • Dark triangles between your teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Undersized teeth

Bioclear can fix all those issues in just one appointment. It is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure to create a more healthy, youthful, and vibrant appearance.

Bioclear improves your smile without damaging your teeth, making it the modern approach to cosmetic dentistry.

See Actual Before and After Bioclear Results

Check out the beautiful results Bioclear can provide - all under the care of Dr. Keith Gressell.
Bailee who is an actual patient of Bioclear dentist
Marcee who is an actual Bioclear patient in Gig Harbor WA
Jacob, an actual patient of our Bioclear dentist in Gig Harbor, WA
Bioclear before and after photos of Tim who is an actual patient in Gig Harbor, WA
Mike who is an actual Bioclear patient in Gig harbor, WA
Bonnie who is an actual Bioclear patient
Bioclear and Its Conservative Nature
Failed traditional dentistry with a failed implant, post and core failure, and snap-off fracture.
Traditional cosmetic dentistry can do more harm than good

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Historically, dentists had to sacrifice healthy tooth structure to restore the tooth. Virtually all crowns, veneers, onlays, and even fillings required healthy tooth structure to be removed either to access decay or to provide space (or draw) for a restoration.

Think about it: To make a porcelain crown fit into the bite, tooth structure must be removed, or the bite wouldn’t fit. Similarly, healthy tooth structure on the sides of the tooth must be removed to provide “draw” for the crown, meaning it can slip over the prepared tooth structure. A large amount of tooth structure is sacrificed to do this, and often, it’s the tooth structure near the gum line.

This part of the tooth structure is critically important for the long term health of the tooth. This is why I so often see my patients in their late 40s, 50s, and beyond walk in with a broken tooth, snapped off at the gum line, where the tooth structure is still within the crown. This is referred to as a “catastrophic failure,” and the tooth must be extracted.

Let’s take a look at an example of failed cosmetic dentistry.

In this example, you can see failed traditional dental work. What we have are an implant failure, a post and core failure, and a snap-off fracture.

Actual Bioclear patient woman in black and white
Traditional cosmetic dentistry can do more harm than good

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It allows Dr. Gressell to restore teeth that used to require crowns with a much more conservative option. We can replace only the missing or diseased parts of the tooth, leveraging all of the healthy, natural tooth structure to allow us to rejuvenate the tooth.

Bioclear will last just as long as traditional cosmetic dentistry services without sacrificing that tooth.

Here’s an example of the Bioclear process:
Normally, this tooth would have required a crown because of the biting pressure tenderness and a big crack going through the bottom of the cavity. We were able to leverage the remaining tooth structure and create a beautiful tooth while retaining all the healthy tooth structure, thanks to Bioclear. See this veneers alternative in action at our blog!

Trust Your Bioclear Dentist, Dr. Gressell

Dr. Gressell takes the Hippocratic Oath of “first do no harm” very seriously.
Headshot of Dr. Keith Gressell
‘‘Bioclear® allows me to create transformative results while keeping your tooth structure intact’’

Bioclear® Method Certified Provider, Dr. Keith Gressell

Removing healthy tooth structure falls short of the Hippocratic Oath, which is why Dr. Gressell has invested in conservative dentistry services to provide the most beautiful results while keeping your smile intact.

There are very few providers in the Pacific Northwest who have reached Tier 3 Certification in Bioclear, meaning they’ve taken many hours of continuing education while having the materials, equipment, and expertise to provide the highest quality restoration.

As a Tier 3 Certified Bioclear® Provider, Gig Harbor dentist Dr. Gressell is a master at providing natural-looking, long-lasting results. Talk with him about the possibility of using the Bioclear® method to rejuvenate your smile.

Our Patients Love This Conservative Alternative to Tradtional Treatment

Hear it from our actual patients by watching our videos!

Are you a Bioclear candidate?

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You’ll learn these important facts:

  • What makes someone the perfect candidate.
  • Who would not be able to use it.
  • Why someone having Invisalign treatment should consider it.
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Answers to Some of Our Most Asked Questions About Bioclear

Consult our FAQs below or give us a call (253) 857-6778.
  • Why would I use Bioclear instead of a crown?

    The primary reason to opt for a Bioclear is that the treatment is so much more conservative, allowing the preservation of more natural tooth structure.

    A crown is more at risk for recurrent decay. Decay starts at the edge of the crown and can progress underneath it if not addressed right away, which undermines the anchorage for the crown. Most crowns block x-rays from allowing us to see what’s happening underneath it. If the decay has progressed, there may not enough tooth structure to do another crown. At a minimum, the crown would need to be replaced.

    The other common way a crown “fails” is a snap-off fracture, meaning the crown and underlying tooth structure break off at the gumline. When insufficient tooth structure remains, there is no choice but to pull the tooth. With a Bioclear overlay, if something happens to the restoration, it can frequently be simply repaired. If that is not an option, the restoration could be replaced either with another Bioclear overlay or, if insufficient tooth structure remains, a conventional all-ceramic crown could be used.

    This conservative treatment allows us many more options as the tooth ages.

    It’s like “banking” tooth structure for the future!

  • What happens during the Bioclear procedure?

    There is a significant amount of prep work to get the teeth ready for the restorations.

    First, the tooth must be meticulously cleaned. This is done by gently pushing the gums back and isolating the area to be worked on. A disclosing agent is used to highlight previously invisible traces of sticky biofilm. Then a tiny instrument is used to scour any trace of biofilm. The cleaning powder is just hard enough to remove the microscopic sticky layer that accumulates on the surface of the teeth without damaging the tooth surface.

    Once the tooth preparation is done, a thin mylar form is selected from over 20 different shapes that are further customized to adapt perfectly to the tooth, providing a mold for a new tooth surface. These forms slip under the gum line and a composite resin warmed to exactly 155 degrees is injected, filling the forms. The resin is then hardened using ultraviolet polymerization. It is then shaped and finished to a high polish, creating a natural-looking tooth. The resulting surface is shiny, smooth, and very durable.

  • Will my dental insurance cover Bioclear treatment?

    Bioclear is a new, beautiful, and conservative alternative to traditional reductive porcelain dentistry. It is NOT covered by insurance. For posterior teeth, the cost of Bioclear is often similar to the out-of-pocket cost for a crown, but it conserves more tooth structure and your remaining dental benefits for other dental care if necessary.


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Are You the Perfect Candidate for Bioclear?
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