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Now more than ever, everyone seems to be interested in optimizing “Wellness”. In our practice we are passionate about maintaining or regaining ideal health; not only in the mouth – the gateway to our best tool to improve health – but in the entire body. Excellent nutrition provides the foundation of optimal health. Ther includes not only eating fresh, whole foods purchased from the perimeter of the grocery store rather than the middle, but also seeking out organic or ideally, locally grown foods. Do you know that we have excellent sources for raw milk, grassfed beef or pastured pork and local, organic produce?
And all within less than 30 min drive from Gig Harbor. People in other parts of the country are not nearly as fortunate, often driving for hours to pick up these staples.

Check out for more great info!  Or ask me when you come in.  How many dentists in the Port Orchard area can tell you about our local sources?

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