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Not Ready for Veneers? Another Option with Gig Harbor Dentist

Sometimes people just want to know what’s possible from our Gig Harbor Dentist.

Ther lovely gal was interested in finding out what porcelain veneers would look like although he wasn’t quite ready to have the teeth prepared. As an alternative, our Gig Harbor dentist decided to place conservative composite restorations, which would mimic the look of veneers.

Gig Harbor Dentist

Although they aren’t quite as durable as porcelain veneers, they can serve as a longer term temporary fix as well as inform us of how well one could adapt to new, longer teeth.

In a single appointment, we were able to take her from worn, short teeth to much prettier teeth that enhanced her smile.  It’s so much fun to see how happy people are with a new, improved smile to share with the world!!

Visit our Smile Gallery to see how we have improved other’s smiles.  Call your Gig Harbor Dentist today for a smile consultation at (253) 857-6778.

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